Still have questions about the programme or how to get involved? Got a great idea you'd love to share with us but can't find out how? Or just need a little help downloading lesson plans? The answers to all these questions, and more, are right here.

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  • I can't find my school

    If you can't find your school by typing in its name into our Register page, please try searching by postcode instead. Type the postcode in, including the space in the middle, then WAIT as the little circle at the end of the box "spins".  The school name should then appear.  If you are still unable to find your school, please contact Generation Green and we will arrange for your school to be updated.

  • My school's name / address is wrong

    If your school details are wrong, please contact Generation Green with the correct details and we will arrange for our records to be updated

  • How do I register myself?

  • Registering is completely free - like everything thing else at Generation Green. First, find your school on our Register page. This will allow you to search for your school by name or postcode. You'll then be asked for your details. Once you've registered you'll be able to start uploading and downloading resources.

  • Why do I need to tell you my school?

    It provides additional security by allowing us to periodically check that the people using the site are associated with that school.

  • What happens when a teacher registers their school?

    Once you register with Generation Green, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your registration. You will need to follow the link in this email to confirm your registration.

    Once registered you will be able to:

    • Upload and download lesson plans and activities
    • Win prizes for your school
    • Change and amend your details
    • Receive emails from us to help you and your school be more sustainable
    • Receive details about other relevant school initiatives from British Gas

    Don't worry, we'll never share your details with third parties or spam your inbox.

  • I haven't received a confirmation e-mail

    If you haven't received your confirmation email, please contact Generation Green and we will arrange for a new email to be sent out.

  • I entered the wrong e-mail address when I registered

    If you haven't received your email, please contact Generation Green and let us know what your correct details should be. We will then send you a new confirmation email. Please follow the link in this email to complete your registration.

  • My password is not working / I have forgotten my password

    Please check CAPS LOCK isn't on as the password is case sensitive. If you're using a keyboard without a number pad, like a laptop, make sure Number Lock isn't on. If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it here.


  • What are the prizes?

    Generation Green is committing to giving away amazing prizes, which will help schools save energy, be more efficient, bring sustainability to life in schools, and also hopefully save you money on your energy bills.

    Each term we will focus our lesson plans and activities on a certain theme ('Heat', 'Save' and 'Power'). We also have a series of educational experiences for prize draw winners, giving your students an amazing day outside the classroom.

  • How do I win the prizes?

    Entering the prize draw for Educational Experiences is simple and free. Fill in your details on the electronic prize draw entry form and submit your entry by Friday 26th of October. An independent judge will select entries at random, and the selected entrants will win the prizes.

    We'll be announcing how to nominate your school for an energy makeover in October.

  • What happens if my school is not suitable for installation?

    All of our technologies require installation by British Gas engineers, and are subject to planning permission, permission with your school's building owner, or whoever can approve the installation. We will help you where we can with this process.

    In the event that permission is not granted, or you are unable to install your prize, we will try to offer an alternative where we can or you may be able to give the prize to another building in your community (such as a charity, community building, town hall) which can benefit from it.

  • What are educational experiences?

    British Gas is fortunate to be able to offer schools a number of educational experiences, such as visits to energy centres, wind farms and days out which bring sustainability alive, often in or near your local area. We will be giving these away to winners through our prize draws and competitions, so stay up-to-date via our newsletters and website.
  • Long term support / guarantees / what if something goes wrong?

    Your school will own any of the technology prizes installed and will be able to keep all the savings, and any income that is earned from generating renewable heat or power. The school will be responsible for maintaining any technologies installed. However, many of the maintenance costs for this kind of technology are outweighed by the income/savings you'll get out of it.

  • What is the closing date of the prize draw?

    The closing date for the Prize Draw to win an Educational Experience is Friday 26thOctober 2012.

  • Do I need to be a registered user of Generation Green to win?

    Yes, your school will need to be a registered user of Generation Green for you to be selected for an Educational Experience, or an Energy Makeover. Registration is free, easy and only takes a few seconds. Once registered, teachers have full access to Generation Green resources and can start uploading and downloading lesson plans and activities.

  • What are the terms and conditions of the prize draw?

    Please visit our Terms & Conditions page.


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