On a sunny day at the BRE in July we worked with the 12 winners of our “Curiosity” campaign.  We talked them through the future energy challenges and the solutions British Gas has started to work on.  As inspiration, we took them on a tour of BRE’s Innovation Park to see how the building industry is responding to challenges by using energy efficient materials, and held a practical session on curiosity and how important it is to carry on being curious. The day then culminated in a creative session where the children worked in small groups to brainstorm ideas to help us use energy more sustainably and efficiently. They dreamt up innovations such as:

  • Powerdown: a system that automatically turns off all unnecessary appliances: 
    • When the last person leaves the house
    • When a self-set energy usage limit is reached
  • Energy ID: personalised energy efficiency consultancy – both through in-home consultations and a high street drop-in service
  • Polycharge:  mesh-like technology that can be attached to any surface to collect the energy from human contact with it, for example, storing energy directed at a punch bag or treadmill
  • Appliance-Eye:  all customers to see exactly how much energy individual appliances have used, when it was used, and how it could be used more efficiently

We face three key challenges in the energy industry in years to come: reducing carbon emissions, securing supply and ensuring energy bills are affordable. Stimulating the curiosity of the next generation so that they are equipped to address these challenges is what Generation Green is all about, and we were certainly impressed by the ideas that our workshop attendees came up with!

We’re not stopping there.  We want to encourage everyone – children, their parents and teachers – to become more curious about energy. 

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