Lightbulb moments: little wonders give schools an energy makeover


  • Cow manure-powered classrooms, 
  • Fun on the run: the football pitch that generates electricity, 
  • A smart way to save rainwater

Making a school more energy efficient is pretty tough, right? Wrong! As part of the British Gas Generation Green programme for schools, we asked children how they would redesign their school to make it more energy efficient. 

The fun initiative gets children and teachers together to think about energy, and ways to reduce their energy consumption. The children's imaginations make for some interesting ideas, so take a peek at some of the highlights. 

Molly had all kinds of #LittleWonders to create energy

See how Thomas turned a game of footie into energy #LittleWonders

Let it rain: catch Dylan’s clever idea to collect rainwater #LittleWonders

Watch Vaseegaran get creative with solar panels #LittleWonders


Since 2012, Generation Green has invested £2.6m on installing energy-saving equipment for schools, helping to save an estimated 750 tonnes of CO2.




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