About Generation Green

About Generation Green

About Generation Green

We hope that by teaching children about sustainability and inspiring them to be curious about future energy challenges, we can help to create a generation of energy innovators.
That’s why last term, we started campaigning for Curiosity.  We worked with the RSA and found out that curiosity is vital to innovation, but that we need to do more to encourage it.  So we asked you to help us find children with the Why Factor – the nation’s most curious young minds – to help us come up with ideas for the future of energy.  We brought the Why Factor winners together at the end of July to brainstorm solutions for our future energy challenges. Find out how they got on here.

But we don’t want to stop there

The future belongs to the curious, and we want everyone – children, their parents, and teachers – to be involved.  We’re encouraging you to be more curious about the future of energy.  We’re sure you have lots of curious questions!  To help you be more curious about energy, and come up with more ideas about what energy might look like in the future, this term we’ll be giving teachers and pupils the opportunity to:

  • Take an educational experience with one of Britain’s biggest energy suppliers, to investigate where our energy comes from.  If you’re curious about what a sustainable energy future could look like, find out whether there’s a Generation Green educational experience near you that you could visit for free www.generationgreen.co.uk/prizes
  • Give your school a more sustainable energy future by making a nomination to win an energy makeover
    • Look out for your chance to nominate your schools through your local newspaper from October half term
    • In the meantime,  Teachers -why not find out how you and your school can save energy using our “Save” teaching resources
    • Or, find out if you are an environmental expert. Take a Journey To Fossil Island, through our online game.  Find out who scores the highest as you join Professor Green and his sidekick Jobot to save the once-idyllic isle from pollution at the hands of the evil Baron Fossilosis.

Our education principles

We passionately believe learning about energy and sustainability should be a fun, enjoyable experience.  By listening to the feedback we’ve received we’ve discovered the best way we can help educate children is to provide a wide choice of materials – so in 2012 we’ve launched an online game and partnered with Fun Kids Radio to create a radio series. Alongside providing teachers with Generation Green teaching resources, created by education professionals like you, all designed to achieve the following:

  • Tie in with curriculum areas for England, Scotland and Wales
  • Promote learning through fun for primary and secondary pupils
  • Be relevant, topical and challenging – promoting debate and opinion forming
  • Help your school reduce it’s impact on the environment and save energy

Why is British Gas doing this?

As the UK's leading energy supplier, we take energy efficiency and sustainability very seriously.

Generation Green is just one way we can help teachers, students, schools and communities save energy (and reduce bills) as well as ensuring we inform the next generation about how we can all reduce our impact on the environment and inspiring them to become future energy innovators.

Individuals, businesses and community facilities, like schools, are coming under increasing pressure from rising fuel bills and more ambitious emissions targets. We believe Britain's communities have a vital role to play in revolutionising the way we consume and generate energy.

That's why, with Generation Green, we're working to equip schools, students and the wider community with the information, tools and technology they need to make it easier for us all to cut carbon emissions and save money.

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Curious about sustainability?

Are you an environmental expert? Find out by taking a Journey To Fossil Island, our online game. Who will score the highest when you join Professor Green and Jobot for 6 exciting missions to defeat the evil Baron Fossilosis and rid Fossil Island of pollution?

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